The real cost of ink

ink infoI know I’m not the only one feeling a pain in the wallet area when it comes to fuelling up a vehicle. Gas prices keep on going up, and it doesn’t seem that they’ll be heading down in the other direction anytime soon.

When fuel price adjustments are announced, cars are lined up at the gas pumps as people try to save a few pennies on the high costs of fuel.

We’ve all gotten used to cutting down on unnecessary car trips, using cruise control, car pooling . . . any steps we can take to save on fuel costs, we’re taking.

We all know how much fuel costs—roughly $1.35per litre.

But, there’s one big consumable that you might not have thought of in price per litre before.

Rethink your ink.

Did you realize that printer ink costs over $5,000 per litre?

Is it any wonder that we’re so passionate about saving small business owners money on printer ink?

Let us help you put those dollars back into your business or invested in something else.

Give Richard a call to talk toner.

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