The sweet spot in printing and copying

printing costsYou’re going through toner like it was toilet paper. Printing and copying is costing your small business a small fortune.

All of your employees have their own cheap desktop printers. Between printer jams and toner cost, it’s clearly not working anymore. But buying an $8,000 floor model copier printer is definitely not in the cards because of the space it would take up in your office and on your balance sheet.

Sound familiar?

A few years back, Konica Minolta realized a need for a mid-range, all-in-one multi-function copy machine for folks like you.

Our mid-sized models have the same technology as our $8,000 machines, but they’re small enough to fit on a table. You can network your entire office to one of these printers. It will scan, print,fax and copy. These machines can do everything that the big floor models can except copy on 11×17 sheets of paper.

These all-in-one copy machines  rent as low as $39.95 monthly making them affordable for any small business.

This is why I recommend calling me to come  to your office to assess your printing needs – so you only end up with the printer that suits your needs.

I can tell you if your business can get by with one of these mid-sized printers over a floor model copier. You can save on all that toner you’ve been burning through on the multiple desktop printers you have in the office, and you can save thousands by not splurging on a floor model you don’t really need.

Give me a call, and we’ll discuss your printing needs. From there, I”ll sell you only what you need, not what the manufacturer wants me to sell you.

Photo Credit: kenteegardin via Compfight cc

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